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What is the ENHANCE Certificate in Higher Education Teaching CHET?

ENHANCE Certificate in Higher Education Teaching is intended for a large spectrum of academic staff with a diversified theoretical background and practical experience in teaching. It will foster the professional development of academic staff by providing them with various opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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Who will benefit from CHET?

CHET is intended for all groups of academic teachers at the ENHANCE partner universities, including:

► Beginners: doctoral candidates, teaching and research assistants
► Post docs with several years of experience, assistant professors, associate professors
► Newly appointed members of academic staff
► Experienced (life-long employed) professors
► Self-employed or industry enterprise-employed adjunct teaching staff, with temporary teaching tasks

The target participant who wants to be certified will be an academic teacher wishing to:

► Enhance teaching competencies
► Acquire new teaching competencies
► Obtain confirmation of the acquired teaching competences

What is the process of certification ?

►Teacher from one of ENHANCE Universities enrolls to the CHET and checks the list of courses
►Teacher carries out selected courses at the home university, while visiting other ENHANCE Universities, or takes advantage of MOOC and online courses
►After completion of requirements, teacher reports that the requirements have been met, and receives the Certificate in Higher Education Teaching

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Benefits and incentives

CHET, apart from being the proof of acquired knowledge and skills, can also be seen as an incentive for teachers. Depending on the university, obtaining CHET may be:

► Necessary/useful in application for a position and hiring
► Necessary/useful for professional promotion and profile enhancement
► Necessary/useful for getting funds
► Internal motivation – own satisfaction with teaching and learning as well as quality improvement of personal teaching competencies, processes, and procedures
► An opportunity to learn about the experience of other teachers/universities
► An opportunity to learn from the experience of other teachers/universities
► An opportunity to get personal contacts with other teachers/universities

The two levels of CHET should motivate academic staff at various levels of professional development to refresh and enhance their competencies in teaching, in particular to learn about new concepts, methods and techniques, as well as to practice with new IT tools.

There are no time limits for finishing all requirements. However, the closest Summer School will be organized in the summer of 2023. The following school will be organized according to needs and capabilities.

Participation in the Summer School can be financially supported by the Erasmus program, and therefore, we expect it to be free.

How can you apply?

Please, declare your intention to take the micro-credential by submitting the application form (available soon). We will support and guide you as a registered participant through the certification process. We can also inform you about activities added or withdrawn from the curriculum.

Your registration to the micro-credential is only informative for us. You need to register for courses you choose from the list of courses included in the certificate by yourself and according to the hosting university's regulations.

Not registered? No problem, you can ask for the recognition of your achievements under our micro-credential at any time. Just contact us! 

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Requirements to claim for the CHET

► Take at least one module from each of three categories (Pedagogics and teaching approaches, Development of students’ transversal skills and attitudes, Technology use)
► Modules should be of appropriate level (basic/advantage)
► All learning outcomes should be covered
► Take part in modules from at least two universities

List of courses officially approved

The proposals for the exemplary learning paths for completion the CHET are presented in PDF file below. 

Need more information?

Contact us any time:
ENHANCE Certificate in Higher Education Teaching 

No risk, no costs, many possibilities. Stay on the sharp border of progressive academia. Be an outstanding teacher of the European University of Technology. Sign up for the Certificate today!

Enhance Micro-Credentials

The ENHANCE Alliance is part of the ERASMUS+ funding programme for European Universities, powered by the European Commission.


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